Saturday, February 01, 2014

We ARE the Hiber Nation

Wow, its been a long time since our last post and I can honestly say...we don't have much to report. Post the holidays we've sunk into a hibernation state. Its weird how busy and non-busy you can be at the same time. Our social life has been non-existent but none of the Loud Americans seem to complaining.
Tom - is taking a French class and started Pastry 101. He was leery about Pastry 101 as he's not a big baker but figured ... 101 is a pre-requisite to any bread or baking class he might want to take so he was going to power through. Now Tracy is scared as he's LOVED his 1st 2 classes and if you thought chef school was hard on your waistline, pastry classes are brutal! Week 1 = apple pie, Week 2 - black currant tea cakes and walnut raisin muffins. He's in heaven.... again:) Tracy - has had 2 work trips this month with is really hard on Tom as there is no one to share kid drop off/pick up from the myriad of activities. They were both good, 1 to the north outskirts of Canada & Ottawa and 1 back to MPLS. She got to reconnect with a few friends and it was nice to be with people that didn't talk about work the whole time:)

Jimmy - started basketball, saxophone, choir and grade 7 band practice just started. Add to that skating at the school 3 blocks away 3 nights/week with his buddies (girls and boys) and he's got one busy social life. He's having a ball, even had his 1st "hockey" injury - blocking the goal (I wont go as far as saying he was playing goalie, more like he was standing in front of the goal) and his knocked him over. He's got a cut eye that's starting to go black. He looks tough. He's also obsessed with his abs and has started working out with Tom at the club on Saturdays. They are pretty cute together. Jimmy is really listening to Tom about proper weight lifting form and looks ridiculous in his high socks, shorts and basketball shoes. They both come home sore and exhausted.

Kay - heavy into gymnastics and is learning her floor routine set to the tune of I Dream of Jeanie. Her braces have been giving her trouble but I'm not sure how much of that is drama vs actual issues. She's also been ice skating and the bake sale at school this week was a highlight. She and Jimmy are also obessed with a new game - flappy bird. Don't get started, it is hard and addictive. She also is giving Tom a run for his money in the baking category making this homemade from scratch chocolate pudding banana bread cupcakes  and she used her piping skills to decorate them ( she had some help from Tracy)

Billy - got a new retainer and is speak therapist is pissed because its screwing up he's S's and Z's again. We cant win. He's going to test for his blue belt in a month and is busy being invited to playdates and birthday parties.

We have been spending quiet weekends (while is snows and is way below zero - totally non-typical Toronto weather) watching dumb movies (Waynes World and Strange Brew) along with the cooking channel. We are also busy planning all our vacations for the year (too much idle time) Cancun this spring, a warm winter vacation with Tracy's family next winter and the pinnacle of our time in Canada ....drum roll please ... a camper van trip around Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island this summer. Sometimes planning vacations are almost as fun as going on them. Almost... So... that's it - January in Hiber Nation. It"s nice:)