Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Elementary Provinvial Report Cards and other heady Stuff

The marks came home with the kids along with several accolades, used markers and some interesting comments.

Billy has been enjoying Grade 3, as all of his buddies from Grade 2 are again reunited in grade 3. The field trips have been a blast, the playground and lunar play area and he comes home soaking wet and smiling everyday, but what has been going on in the classroom? 'William is an enthusiastic student who eagerly takes part in new academic challenges and opportunities to deepen his understanding of classroom material' WOW! 'He is always involved and ask for help when he needs it, an ideal student'. He has landed several high marks and is cruising along without any real problems. In self directed learning Billy has step out of the norm for the Murphy kids and actually received a B+, crazy!
next up for Billy: 'William is encouraged to continue to put forth his best effort and to begin to take on a leadership role in both the classroom and school' Vote for Billy t-shirts available soon....

Kay is loving Grade 5 and getting ready for the end of the year graduation party. She is planning on making each of the 25 kids in her class their very own cupcake resembling their favorite Sesame Street character. She comes out of school each day dragging the worlds heaviest back pack, her lunch bag dragging behind in a kind of bag lady want to be fashion. 'Kay has been fairly successful at making the transition into the grade 5 classroom in most areas'. The is the most PC statement to come home on a report card to date, really not sure what it means, however true to Murphy form Kay is 'encouraged to focus on strategies to help her work consistently and effectively during allotted classroom time' it's Kay... we know that :). 'Kay is doing extremely well in French and is being encouraged to start reading French books at home' Awesome work!  The next steps for Kay: 'with some minor improvements in focus and initiative, Kay will continue to grow and develop as a student and achieve the high goals and standards she should be setting for herself' Her new line of designer baked goods will be out in the late Spring!

Jimmy has been really exploding into grade7. He is now playing the drums for both the 7th and 8th grade bands, the choir, and he is playing piano and has started the saxophone... all while maintaining his football, basketball and baseball enthusiasm, crazy. He has even inched up his score in self directed learning and made the school honor roll. He has figured out the metric system and his math scores are in the low 90's. 'James follows the rules of the classroom and is able to behave accordingly when working with other students' Whew! 'James has demonstrated growth with his overall confidence as a grade 7 student' not that he needs more confidence:)
On a side note there was a competition at school the other day and - as you know -no matter what the competition is Jimmy is all in. It turns out this was a math competition (mathletes). The grade 7 student were competing against themselves to see whom the best 5 students were and they would form a math team for a citywide math tournament. Coming in tied for 5th place, Jimmy Murphy. Jimmy came home from school super excited and relayed the story to us finishing by saying... so you know what mom and dad, I'm now a Mathlete....
We are very proud of the kids and the hard work they are putting in to school!
More to come...