Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Tom!!

Happy Birthday (only 2 days late) Tom!! This year it was a weekend birthday celebration. I surprised him but that's another blog. I'll let him fill you in:) We just wanted to say...Tom, we love you, we bless and we are glad you are in our lives. Tom is amazing. He is not only a great dad and partner but he's a great friend and neighbor. AND...he's a great cook on his way to being a great chef (only 90 days until he's got his chef certificate!! woo hoo!!) Tom is funny, smart, athletic, flexible, caring, loving, thoughtful, messy, cuddly, handy and friendly. As Kay would say ...'he's a friend to all'. and... 'Dreams DO come true on birthdays'. and... 'I have him wrapped around my little finger'. Happy Birthday Tom!! (shout out to Rica and Wade - Happy Birthday to Tom's birthday buddies!!)