Friday, September 13, 2013

A year later...

We have been so busy lately that we didn't even realize that we have been in Toronto for over a year! YIKES!

The past year has been full of new things for all of us, new school for the kids, new job for Tracy, Chef school for Tom, different dog food for Nikki,, she basically has the same routine lets face it. She's a dog, sleep, eat, walk, poop, repeat, she has it made.!
(Picture taken at the Toronto Zoo September 2012)

The kids on the other hand have been busy growing, learning and for the most part not complaining as much, which is nice. Jimmy is way into music lately and has even come out of his music shell and telling people at school he is a drummer, which is a way big deal for him. In fact the music teacher is so blown away that Jimmy is now teaching new riffs tot he 8th graders wanted to learn drums. He is interested in playing the trumpet this year just for the heck of it but the music teacher is not having any of it! He is was deep into football. The coaches were a bit concerned about his lack of physical play and told him he needed to step it up or he may not be in the starting line up, and boy did he listen. The last game they creamed the other tem and Jimmy lead they way, he has earned his starting spot! 

Kay is now in gymnastics 12 hours a week, 3 4 hour shots and comes home and can barely make it to the coach. She is going to compete in 5 competitions this year and jumped from level 2 to level 4 and let me tell you the kid is ripped. She has been going non stop and I think her body is telling her she needs more protein because she has been eating hamburgers twice a day for the last week, seriously she is off seaweed and on beef! School is just starting to shape up , she has a couple of new as well as several old friends and she is doing great. Meanwhile stay out of her way in the kitchen, she has to be creating something constantly. I think we have got her to realize that during the school year she can cook on the weekend, so this weekend she is planning on making, desert pizza. Rice Cripspies as the crust, red frosting as the sauce and chocolate chips and M&Ms as the toppings along with whipped cream, just because.
( Picture taken at the Toronto Zoo 2013)

Billy is in the middle of Taekwondo training. He has to tournaments coming up in late September and late October and he is dead set on keeping his metal streak alive. Billy lucked out at school as he now in 3rd grade has the same entire class as last year and the same teachers his response to how was school today Bill?, awesome. He was recently on a bike ride with Tracy and they were taking about life and all it has to offer when Tracy turned to Bill and said, what are you thinking? He replied, nothing, then a moment later he said " that's impossible, you cant think about nothing, once you do you really are thinking of nothing which is something". The other Tracy was asking Billy some questions that he answered all with, I don't know and then after some contemplation he said you know what Mom I do know 3 things today, I don't know much, its a beautiful day and I need to exercise more. So Tracy's talked him into a walk and they were leaving the house he turn and yelled to Kay, " Stay out of the kitchen and don't burn the house down! Kids say  the darndest things, where do they hear this stuff??? more to come.....