Saturday, May 11, 2013

MS150 training/fundraising update

Well, we are 4 weeks away and I have to say, fundraising is going MUCH better than training…$1,455 more than ½ way to my goal! Yippee!!! Keep the $$ comingJ

 In terms of training, April was a month of rain and 40 degree weather, not great biking weather but I’m not complaining… MPLS had SNOW all month. So, looking at the bright side, I’m not any further behind than any of my biking buddies. 

 I had my 4th ride last night and have a new mid-week program.  Ride for an hour after work a few times a week before I pick up Kay. This means I bring my bike to work, get outfitted up and then set off to find adventure in Mississauga. As luck would have it, I did find a limestone bike path that rides along a creek and the airport. An interesting combination but nice to not have to battle traffic.

Thanks for all your support!  And wish me luck as I super-size my training…

(my other glass ½ full thought?! No matter how little I train, nothing can be as bad as last year’s ride….right?!  Hope I didn’t just jinx us…)