Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Erin Go Braugh has hit in our third country as we geared up for the 12th Annual St. Patrick's Day bash and kegger. Yep 3rd country, and the Grand Marshall is none other then Pam O'Georgeson, being she has attended this event in every country we have tossed the blarney around.

This year was no different aside from the fact that we did not have a parade. We were all set for the parade, route, check, flag, check keg, check, the only thing is all 100 or so people showed up all at the same time and threw our staging into overdrive and by the time we came up for air, well the crew was to far into the beer and blarney to be bothered with donning their boots and coats and setting down their beer for the parade that it went by the wayside so to speak.  It was also damn cold - last year, if you remember, had the paraders in shorts and tshirts. Not so this year! Wellies and toques all around! (if you arent Canadian, look it up!:))  

The group was quite a mix of school friends, neighbors, Tracy's co-workers and Tom's chef buddies and several friends from India who happen to live here in Canada, Claude and his family and Carol and Josh, both very dear friends that lived with us in India were in attendance. Claude is now living in Mississauga (see prior post) and Carol in Montreal (yes!! she flew down for the party:) Gotta love our friends)  It was super fun to see everyone and we all had a blast.

This year instead of the traditional chili ( our tradition), since chili beans are hard to come by, we decided to go with Sloppy Joe's and the like. There were way more kids than adults, basketball games, hide and seek, make-overs, drumming,  you get the drift!

The party took off at the usual feverish pace but being it was on a Sunday ( strategic planning) around 9:30pm those full of the most blarney finally deflated and headed home. We were surprised and blessed at the same time by the number of people who came to the party and the mixing of old and new friends.

Put the date on your calendar for 2014 and come help us celebrate the Wearing O' the Green!