Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on Kay!

Well, Kay has been quite busy lately with school , gymnastics and of course her busy social schedule.

This past weekend she invited Dad to the Girl Scouts " Someone Special Dance" and he was thrilled, especially when it was announced it was a 70's Disco Theme! Tom and Kay went around town looking for just the right outfits and were ready when the day came, " Right On Man". The first stop was LeeAnn Chins, Kay's favorite place for a special dinner then it was off to Faith Presbyterian Church for Disco Fever! They danced to many songs however there were only a couple of 70's hits but Dance Fever and

The BeeGee's got the crowd going!

Next up for Kay is the Special Research Project all third graders at Meadowbrooke MUST complete. Kay, after much deliberation chose Canada, because according to her " since we are moving there I may as well know what I am in for" she is so cute sometimes!

She designed a big board with a Maple Leaf in the center and research several questions about Canada that she attached via a string to each point of the Maple Leaf and for the life of her could not wait to spell CANADA in red glitter, seriously Mom told her the last thing to do was the glitter and every time Mom left the house Kay was diving for the glue and glitter, can you say obsessed? She then practiced her delivery and style and was ready for her big day.

Some of the key questions and answers were:
How many people immigrate to Canada? 559,105
What is the bird of Canada? The Loon
What is the Flower of Canada? The White Trillon
When did Canada become a country? July 1st 1867
What three oceans border Canada? The Atlantic, the pacific and the Arctic?
As you can see she left no stone unturned! The class was getting a little upset as they were not able to answer any of Kay's questions and her response" Well that what these independent projects are for!" So she decided to throw them a bone: What are the two languages of Canada? The whole, class screamed " English and French!" Kay just smiled!

Next up for Kay is a sleep over at a Hotel/Water park...The Water Park of America! She is very excited so much so she has made the following list and preparation for the Party: