Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update on Billy :)

Billy has been busy these days perfecting his lay up and going for the 3 pointers from the top of the key!

Well not quite that, but this year the cities of Golden Valley and Crystal have created a program for Kindergarten and 1st graders to participate in an entry level basketball program. This is an event where boys and girls 6-7 years old gather in a gymnasium and basically play a combination of Red Rover and Tug of war with the goal being getting their hands on the basketball. Billy loves it and the kids all seem to have fun! Its like watching squirrels play basketball. I have to say, Billy is quite the dribbler and has even made a few baskets. Now, if we can just get him to stop touching other kids and rolling around on the ground.
Bill is also doing great in school! He is scoring very high in spelling, math and reading. On his last assessment, full marks! Each year the kids of all classes have one big project that they create and present to the class. Billy created a Totem Pole and is very proud of it!

He had to represent his family in a Totem Pole - he included: (spelling is all accurate to Billy's own words)

~ my to pets (hand drawn picture of Nikki and Timmy)

~ Being Korean (drawing of the Korean flag)

~ Living in India (drawing of the Indian flag)

~ My Mom works at Target (red bullseye)

~ We are moving Canada (drawing of the Canadian flag - seeing a pattern?)

~ I love my family (love was actually a red heart
Bill continues to be incisorly challenged, but when your favorite food is noddles with red sauce, who needs teeth?! He currently only has 1 front tooth on the top (missing the 2 around it) and a few bottom teeth as well.

Lego's continue to be his favorite past time and he is currently lobbying to join an on line Lego's group, God Help us! He's also trying to figure out how to be a scientist AND a lego engineer when he grows up. If anyone can strike that balance, Billy can:)
Billy and Mom had a date night (same night as Tom/Kay's dance). We went to McD's for dinner and then to The Muppet Movie and he had a gas. He laughed so loud I was worried we'd get kicked out. He bonded with Walter (go see the movie) as he's a world class whistler. In fact, we cant get him to stop, he whistles none stop. Its good to have a talent:)
We Love you Billy!