Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Kay

Sunday July 10th at 4:30 in the afternoon, the universe felt a tremendous void as all the energy was focused on the Pook-a-Rook turning 8, YIKES.

In the days prior to her birthday Kay would wake up, look around and say, "how many more days 'till my birthday?" Kay invited several friends from school as well as her cousins Cedric and Solomon (Julie's kids - watch for another blog on the subject), and of course her brothers. The plan: a dog cupcake theme along with make up and art. The girls arrived and proceeded to run from on event to the other without really finishing anything BUT having a blast.

The menu was hand picked by Kay: Jimmy John's subs, thinny chips and pickles as well as the dog themed cupcake/cake a combination cake and pull away cupcakes, a kids dream come true.

The meal was a success and then it was time for the main attraction, the presents. Kay received a great deal of awesome gifts and was very blessed. She had her picture taken with each gift giver and thanked them, it was very cute.

The next activity, the cupcake shape Pinata. YES, a giant cupcake doubling as a Pinata complete with candy gently stuffed inside by the birthday girl herself. Kay struck first but the Pinata held firm, several kids later and Jimmy whacked it a couple times, to no avail. Sam connected with a home run hit however the Pinata fell but did not open. While the Pinata lay helpless and inviting on the ground Solomon brought forth the final blow causing a feeding frenzy and yelps of victory from the crowd! Luckily no one was hurt by a stray bat!

Kay was blessed with several guest appearances at her birthday, her Godfather Mike and son Jack arrived early to spend time with her and give her an incredible necklace Libby, Mike's wife, made out of coins from all the places Kay has lived. Karen and Jeff arrived as did both sets of Grandparents. She was all smiles and just thrilled with all the special attention.

On Saturday night when we were asking her about her favorite part of being 7, she said "learning to ride my bike without training wheels". That's just 1 example of how much she has learned and grown. She amazes us with her creativity, gymnastics skills, fearless approach to live, independence, perseverance and ability to work hard. She's passionate and very much her own person.

Happy Birthday Kay! WE LOVE YOU!

We bless you and we are blessed by you being here!