Thursday, December 09, 2010

Lambeau Field or our trip to Mecca

To the true Packer fan not much more needs to be said besides, Lambeau.

To those of you whom have not had the opportunity to go to a Packers game and experience Lambeau, well all I can say is do NOT pass up the chance.

It was a cold December Day at Lambeau field when we arrived into the sea of humanity tailgating in the adjoining parking lots, front yards, patio's and basically any space big enough to place a smokey Joe and fire it up. It was a balmy 7 degrees that not so sunny Sunday morning as Pete, Laura, Tracy and I put on all the clothes we had and opened the truck doors to begin our tailgating adventure.

Tailgating is something that is learned or taught by those relatives whom have experienced the event passed down form the previous generation, that is to say in Wisconsin it is a rite of passage where in Minnesota I am sorry to say it has become a lost art. One cannot tailgate and then go into a dome, it goes against all reason but that is a different platform.

The hoard of people began playing games, tossing the football and cheering on those who tried to out due the others (like the young lady who walked by in a yellow bikini, yes a bikini in 7 degree weather, I did say we were at Lambeau?!) Pete cooked some great Hungarian brats which were the perfect spicy food for this weather along with a couple of frozen beers and it was GAME TIME!

Sitting in the bleachers is somewhat like being at a carnival where a football game spontaneously breaks out. Beer vendors know their customers by name and like a good bartender know exactly what they want.. in fact, at one point, the beer vendor walked down our aisle and gave the two guys setting next to us each a free beer and said "thanks for coming today". Tell me, at what other stadium would that happen? As I said, we were at Lambeau Field.
The Packers were playing the 49ers and at the beginning it appeared the 9ers were going to have an easy game of it, they were up 6 nothing midway through the first quarter but the ghost of Lombardi came blowing in like the wind (literally) as the Packers missed a 25 yard field goal. No matter, that wind had more effect on the boys from the coast and by halftime the Pack was leading by 10. The throwback uniforms were ugly as was the play calling by the refs, at least that's what the free beer drinking guy next to us said as he spent the entire third quarter trying to unroll a gold colored aluminum foil fire blanket (really) and when he finally got in unrolled he turned to his buddy and said " help me up, I have to go shopping", ah Lambeau!
We had a blast with Pete and Laura along with the rest of the Packer fans and cheered for the home team as they won the game. We walked out of the hoard, us to head home, most of the rest to continue tailgating, singing Go Packers and other related songs designed to ignore the weather and consume more beer. The crowd was remarkably good natured and supportive of those who chose to cheer for the opponent and as we were walking back to the car a couple in 49er apparel walked by, and a Packer fan, handed each of them a beer and said " Here you probably need this it must be hard to be you today".

I must admit being from Minnesota and a Vikings fan I did cheer for the Pack that day however, unlike the rest of Wisconsin, I did not at any time refer to the Packers as 'we'! Below is Jimmy's take on Connie Gumper and football:
Go Pack!!