Monday, December 13, 2010

Billy is 6!!!

So, amongst the biggest storm in 10 years and the 5th biggest storm to ever hit Minneapolis, Billy turned 6. We got 18+"'s of snow and it was white out blizzard conditions. But, we live in MN and we are hardy folk. We had a birthday party planned for Chuck E Cheese and dang it, we were going to make it!

Billy woke up and begged to open 2 presents (after declaring..."oh my goodness, look at all that snow!"), He judiciously picked the 2 largest and with the help of Kay, had them open in 2 minutes flat. His next exclamation? "I think I'm going to faint...I only opened 2 presents and I already got everything I wanted for my birthday. I think I'm going to faint." (the esteemed gifts? legos and a new leapster)

We then proceeded to dig a path out of driveway and headed off (at 20 mph in a white out) for Chuck E Cheese. Billy's firends were all troupers and all but 1 of them were able to make it. I have to admit, it was the most relaxing Chuck E Cheese experience I've ever had. 3 of the 5 birthday parties canceled that day and we had the place to ourselves. Billy played games, was sung to, ate pizza, talked to Chuck E, blew out his candles and opened his presents. He even did the tour of tickets and discovered the secret trick. Instead of jumping around like a maniac, its much more effective to hold your hand out out, palm down and grab tickets as they flew "up". The guys at Chuck E Cheese had never seen that technique before and it scored Billy a record 1000 points. That's my little engineer ( see video below)

The other favorite "game" was actually a simulated amusement park ride. You lay on the seat and the screen "virtually" takes you on a roller coaster. He and Rochen road that 10x's, using up all their tokens ( see video below).

Back home, after all the excitement, we opened more presents (more legos, a sleeping bag and a sorry game) and Billy spent the next 8 hours putting together this legos. Kay made him a beautiful cake & cupcakes and we all sang to him again.

Then, at dinner, we all went around the table and said what we like best about Billy...

Daddy - "oh my goodness"
Mommy - his hugs!
Jimmy - that when he quits, he doesnt really quit, he always comes back to play again
Kay - that he plays pretend with me
Nikki - all the hugs and love!

There are many many more things we love about Billy: he's curious, friendly, funny, serious, smart, gentle, loves animals, loves being at home and is our peacemaker. We are so so thankful that his birth parents chose us to be his forever family and are grateful for all the loving care he received from his foster family and adoption caregivers. They have all played a part in shaping the Billy we love.
We love you Billy!
(Billy's 1st comment when he woke up the next morning? "For my 7th birthday, I'm going to.....")