Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mid Summers Daydream

It has been hot since we returned from Costa Rica and our friends have been busy.

Wendy and Annamiek work quietly and patiently to raise money for AIDS awareness and to stop Aids forever. They participate in the Red ribbon Ride which is 400 miles in 4 days through Minnesota. The Saturday Night of the event is family night and the Loudamericans are blessed to be considered family. We went down to Northfield to have dinner with Wendy and Annamiek ( and the other riders), Target is a big supporter so both Tracy and Wendy have co-workers on the ride. Sunday we head over to St.Paul for the finish and a sea of hugs, and as you can see what a great group!!
The Minneapolis Aquatenial has arrived and with it many great Minnesota summer activities. We braved the heat and headed downtown for the Torchlight parade. The parade has been going on for decades and the tradition continues. It appears that the person in charge of getting participants did not have any real set expectations. I mean the parade lasted for over 2 hours there were no real theme sunless"band" is a theme. There was a band and alumni bands for every small obscure city in the state. It was hot which was expected and the cheese curds were awful, which is not expected nor appreciated.
The end of July means Tee-Ball, Flag football, and pitch by coach championship games. First up is Billy and the Lions Park Royals. The Tee-Ballers are a hard core and determined group of pre-kindergartners. The tension was thick, Bill approached the plate the crowd was holding it's breath, when all of a sudden Billy yelled " Hey guy's look a grasshopper" which emptied the benches. Finally getting the teams focused on the game they ended in a 12 to 12 tie.

The entire season of flag football caused young Jim quite allot of problems. He is a rules guy and a follower of old time football, similar to old time hockey as feature in the timeless classic, Slapshot. Jimmy could not deal with the lack of running plays, no huddles and the transparent ignorance of the rules, it is tough to be 8. The season ended with a goofing around session that made Jimmy exclaim, " I am so ready for tackle football", " I am out of here. He did have a couple of points.

In the second season pitch by coach Jimmy has developed a keen eye on the ball and has even hit a grand slam home run. The July Classic was held at Honeywell Field complete with an announcer, lights and a concession stand " Dad can I get....". Jimmy and the Lions Park Yellow Jackets dominated the season and posted an undefeated record. The program is centered around fun, team and outdoor baseball. In season one the coaches were able to pull off a tie as not all the kids could count. In season 2 not so and when the scoreboard"broke" and the score was 15 to 15 the Yellow Jackets had a few things to say. The controversy ended when Coach Ann announced a trip to the concession stand and snow cones for all. Next year Little League and every Saturday games, YIKES.
Summer is not complete without a trip to the local greenhouse for hamster races, really. We spent a quiet Sunday with the Miller's and went to the Rosemount Lepercan Days and the hamster races. I am going on record to say that we will not attend another hamster race, period. The event is cruel not only to the hamster but the parents who have to wait countless hours for what? At one point we were standing around waiting our turn when this lady next to us stated, " my is it hot in here1" to which Jimmy response was " We are in a greenhouse what did you expect?" Good point.
The St. Paul Saint's are a minor league baseball team here in Minnesota but if you were at the game on July 30Th two 8 year old boys created the atmosphere of the big leagues and just in that moment you could see the magic of baseball on their faces. The loudamericans plus Jimmy's friend James had a great time at the game. Jimmy and James first order of business was to get foam fingers. Little did we know that a foam finger can create a loud borderline obnoxious fan. The games have a carnival atmosphere with Nuns giving haircuts and massages, a pig that brings out the balls, a lucky fan gets velcroded to the outfield wall praying someone hits a line drive at them so they can catch it and win money along with Super Fan, a nerd and Muddonna the team mascot. This game was billed as the Night of the Dead so half the fans were dressed like zombies and driving Billy crazy. Jimmy and James fit right in and by the end of the game had Super fan, The Nerd and Muddonna's autographs with a sharpie on their shirts.

Now you may be wondering what Kay has been up to in all this sports related activities. She is doing great and is keeping her brothers in line. On one recent outing Billy was looking to get a toy or a treat or something that Daddy was not going to stop for. Billy announced " If you don't get me that I am going to leave" To which Kay responded " What are you going to find another owner that loves you more?". Kay is doing well.