Sunday, July 18, 2010

Billy's Gotcha Day

Happy Gotcha Day Billy!!

It is hard to believe that we came home with young William 4 years ago. He is still very into cars, trucks and making Lego cleations. Just the other day Bill asked " Dad when can we go to a real race track to see real race cars race?" I guess we will be on the Nascar circuit soon. (actually in Billy speak it would be "Dad when can we go to a leal lace tlack to see leal lace cals lace?" Yes, he still cant say his r's, they all come out l's)
Bill is all ready to go to kindergarten this fall and looking forward to meeting new friends, which for Bill is a daily occurrence. " Hey Mom can we go to that kids house where we played Lego's?" " You mean your cousin Solomon's?" Yeah that kid...

Billy is a great cuddlier, loves hot dogs; Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches have been kicked to
the curb. He now is all about electronics, just like older brother Jim and God help us loves Justin Bieber and it has become very annoying I mean how many times in a row can you listen to Baby Baby Baby, all right.... Bill loves to ride his bike, go swimming and playing Tee-Ball. He often practices Tee-Ball by pretending to hit the ball and then running around in a circle, very cute. Bill still has one major developmental need, which is eating without having Mom or Dad help him and he is starting to make some head way we will see.
This Gotcha Day was extra special as it marked the turning point. He has not officially lived in the US longer than anywhere else, until now that honor was held by India:) (7 months in Korea, 1 year in the US, 2 1/2 years in India and now 1 1/2 years back in the US - where will he go next?! :))

We had a traditional Gotcha Day celebration complete with cupcakes and sparkling apple juice served in an adult glass and Billy coined his new phrase HIP Hip Hullay!! (Rember our issue with r's) The below clip does much better justice!! Bill we love you and we are blessed by you and we are blessed you chose us! AND thank you to all the people in Korea that love him and made the best choices they could for him; his birth mother and father, his foster mother and family, his social workers and doctors/nurses, you are all amazing people and our lives are better because of you!!
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