Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nothing much to report..

Its that time of year when you are so busy you cant see straight, but when people ask you "what have you been up to?" you give them a really dull look..."uh...nothing". How can that be? We fall into bed each night exhausted and we have nothing to report for it.

Its back to school, the kids are staring to ramp up with activities (gymnastics, drum lessons, sunday school, tennis, etc)

The weather has been gorgeous, we finally got summer in MN; so we've been swimming, biking, climbing trees, walking Nikki, grilling out, etc.

Mary Pear Tree in the front yard is giving off pears so juicy and sweet they make your teeth hurt, so we have been busy delivering those to anyone in the neighborhood that will take them.. we have smoked a turkey stuffed with pears, had pears in our salad, grilled them with balsamic and our neighbor made the best pear crunch. Now our apple tree is about to "go" too and we have thousands of VERY tart apples ready for pie, crumble, waldorf salad, etc. We are even considering giving pear wine a try.

Tom and I are waged in a battle of the fittest. Literally. The group we vacation with has set out a health challenge. Who can get MOST healthy before our non-kid vacation to Mexico in November. Its based on goals and miles and it guys vs girls. So, everytime Tom has a salad for lunch, I have to too. Every time I take Nikki for a walk, he sneaks in some heavy duty yard work. Our house has not looked so good all summer, Nikki's in great shaped and I do have to admit, we are going through veggies like crazy. All for 7 guilt free days in November. (oh, and feeling better about ourselves too, thats right...)

Jimmy lost another tooth, Kay has a casting call with Target for one of their ads and Billy started preschool where he is the token male. (He has it good). Tom continues to get 'A's in class and I am working my fingers to the bone.

But, we are happy, healthy, relaxing, enjoying the weather, visiting with friends and even reading a few good books.

We had family movie night last night and enjoyed Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Its got a great message, I reccomend it.

In proof reading the above, we sound like the Waltons.

Good night John Boy.