Thursday, March 19, 2009

wearing o' the green

Our apologies for not blogging in a while (almost a month – YIKES!), to be honest, nothing much has been going on so you haven’t missed anything. We have been up to the normal lay low reacclimation “stuff”. Tracy got her hair colored, Tom got an A in school, Jimmy went to Bingo night at school, Kay had a playdate/dinner with her new best friend Ella, Billy has been busy mauling the dog and fighting with Tom about not wanting to go to school (which is funny since he doesn’t go to school), Nicki is adjusting to life with loudamericans and has established herself as a chewer of mittens and pillows, we have had nice quiet nights of dinner with friends, gotten to the club, worked hard, studied harder and basically just existed. Not much to tell.

We changed that rhythm though last week with our Annual Revival St Patricks Day parade. It was an amazing turnout! We had a ball and the kids ran wild. A perfect kegger with kids!! It was a collision of friends from all parts of our lives and an explosion in green. We had friends from church, work, family, school, college, Palm Meadows (yes, 2 other non_Target but MN Palm Meadows families came – Andrea & Jamie and Heather & Brian!), neighbors, friends of friends, mothers of friends, new babies, etc... All in all, I’ll bet we had 100 people.

We also celebrated some old traditions and created some new:

~ Noah took over as keg master (Kay’s role 3 years ago) and helped pump and tap beer all day. He’s 3.
~ The boys chased the girls around the house yelling “boys rule, girls drool”
~ The girls chased the boys around the house yelling “GG – BB” (good girls, bad boys for those of you not in the know)
~ For the 1st time since having kids we fried the keg and had left over food – I think we’ll be eating chili and French bread for months to come
~ Isaiah led the parade with our big green flag
~ Nicki kept all the kids “in line” during the parade and didn’t let them get too far
~ Tim and Patrick helped us close the party and we solved a couple of the worlds problems (you should see a noticeable impact in the days to come)
~ Girl Scout Cookies!
~ The official group photo

As you all know, an invitation is NOT required for this party, its come one come all and the only big party we do each year.

So, mark your calendar for 2010, invite your family and friends and plan on joining us for our 10th annual St Pats Day parade on March 13th 2010 4pm onward.

Erin go braugh!!!