Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Remember the magician from Frosty the Snowman? Busy Busy Busy ... That's us these last 2 weeks.

After a month of non-events, we have really pushed it into high gear. Recap of last week:

Tom's Mom came into town to celebrate her sisters (Tom's aunt) 60th year as a nun. Very impressive and a proud event for everyone. She stayed with us one night and managed to see all of her kids while she was in town, not bad for a 3 day trip:)

My best friend from high school, Laura and her husband, Pete, and twin 9 yr old boys, Ben & Alex came in late on Friday night for a quick weekend of fun and Star Wars re-enactments. It was awesome. I havent seen her in 3+yrs and it was great to get right back into our comfortable long term friendship. We used to joke that "our kids will be friends and their kids will be friends and their kids will be friends" and its coming true. Jimmy was up early Sat am he was "too excited to sleep" know Ben and Alex were in the house. They (finally) woke up, at 7:30am, and with barely a polite hello, the 3 of them were deep into Star Wars. I think they talked Star Wars for 48 straight hours and this doesnt include the time re-enacting the light saber fights, comparing light sabers, and search YouTube for Star Wars related films. The belly laughs could be heard upstairs. It is too cool to see.

After a rather chaotic breakfast, we were off and out of Tom's hair for a 7 hour excursion to the Science Museum. I hope to go back some day and actually enjoy it myself. My kids must have made some sort of pact with each other before they left that any time I looked like I was calming down a bit, they should all scatter in 3 different directions. I spent most of the day herding cats (or facilititating a goat rodeo - again your chocie of metaphors). But, it IS a really cool place. They saw a human body section, dinosaurs, a real live mummy, a whole exhibit on fear (and snakes), weather stations and experiments, etc.

We rushed home as the girls had a party to go to. My friend Michelle threw herself a 3rd annual 39th birthday bash - girls only, 80's themed, karoke party. 'nof said. It was WAY too fun and my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. The boys, on the other hand, watched basketball (and the kids) and ate themselves into a food coma.

Sunday was heartfelt goodbyes and more Star Wars conversation. Then I powered up and got another 20% more of the sea shipment unpacked, pictures up, all the clothes washed (Tom actually tackled that mountian), etc. So, I think we have another 20% to go. Hoping to tackle 10% this weekend and next.

We capped off the weekend with a nice relaxing dinner with Iqbal, a friend and coworker in town from India. It was nice to get caught up on what is going on in Bangalore.

We all fell into bed exhausted. Too Too Fun of times were had by all:)