Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Umpherston Sink Hole and of course the Pool

Our trip with the Gertners is winding down and I'm sure part of them is anxiously awaiting our departure tomorrow. We have had a great time, seen ALL the sights and are really going to miss our reconnected friends. We had a couple more tourist places to visit in town and ventured out into the heat again...

The "Limestone Coast" boast many unique places to visit and the Umpherston sink hole is on that list. A must do before we left.

The USH (as I have decided too call it) is not your typical hole in the ground. It has beautifully manicure gardens, it is abundant with flowers and at night home to the ever present possum. (Not George Jones) As the smell reminds you. You are literally walking along a flat picnic area and then all of sudden, there is this huge hole in the ground with gardens all through it. We ventured the 100+ steps down and enjoyed looking at all the flowers/water/etc.

Up in the picnic area, they had old tractors, logging machings and plows that the kids could sit on. As you can imagine Billy and Cooper were in their personal version of heaven. There were HUGE sprinklers running for the gardens, so of course Jimmy was soaking wet by the time we left.

Off to the pool. When I asked Jimmy what his favorite part of vacation was, he said "the pool". Of course. It was his favorite part of Bangalore (our pool) Kerala (Le Merdiean pool) and now Australia (Mt Gambier pool) Why do we even bother to take this kid places, I should just buy him a St Louis Park seasonal pool pass and call it a day. I suspect it would be WAY cheaper (remind me of this when we are back...) Once again, the kids played their hearts out in the pool and fell asleep on the ride home.

Leanne and Duane had friends over for "a barbie". They have 2 girls (Charlie -5 and April - 8). I think Jimmy's in love. The kids played for HOURS. They played house, in the sand pit, cricket, bikes, sparklers, you name it. It reminded me of when we were kids and our folks would "drag" us to their friends house for dinner with the promise of new kids to play with. We'd argue for the 1st hour, pout for the 2nd and be inseparable by the 3rd. The world came to an end when it was time to leave. It was a great last night in Mt Gambier. A beautiful summer evening.