Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Years and the Beach

Dec 31 - Jan 2 - New Years, The Beach and Fishing

What would a trip to Australia be with spending time at the beach!!
There are a great many beaches in southern Australia and it seems they get more gorgeous as you go from on to the next.

On New Years eve Leann was not feeling up to par so we called it a vacation day and did errands, took the kids for a walk etc. Tom cooked the most amazing pork chops and salmon and we got to meet many of their friends as they all stopped by to say "Happy New Year". The kids did sparklers and we watched the Sydney fireworks on TV. Amazing.

On New Years Day we set off for a full day at the beach. There is NO better way to start the year than at the beach. Jimmy was the 1st one in the water (again) and was totally loving jumping into the waves. Kay was playing with the sand toys and had sand EVERYWHERE. Billy was attached to my hip, but loving all the attention he was getting. We had a picnic lunch and then headed for another beach. This one had these cool caves and tidal pools. Jimmy went exploring in them with this silly bucket on his head and Billy fell asleep in my arms. Kay, who hadn't gotten nearly full enough of sand, decided to take off her swim suit and roll in the sand naked. Leanne and I figured it was just as effective as going to the spa to get a body scrub. We had ice cream as a treat and slept the whole way home.

We had a great dinner as usual with some awesome cold beer called Crown. We watched a movie after the kids hit the hay and were ready for another fun filled day.

We arrived at Nelson River ready to catch fish and catch them we did!! Cooper was pulling in fish with Duane left and right and then Jimmy,Kay and Daddy starting catching them and when it was all over we caught about 35 fish, not bad. We played in the park trying to wear the kids out as usual and to no avail; so we did the next best thing...went to the pool!

Mount Gambier has a great pool area boasting three separate pools along with a canopy over each one. It was very hot and the pool was a welcome relief. There is one for babies and toddlers another for 5-10 year olds and then a regular pool. The canopies over the pool is great because you can cool off in the water and not get sunburned for you efforts!!

Finally we got home and the kids had dinner and fell sound asleep. We, being the boring parents, watched another movie and had a quite evening.