Friday, September 08, 2006

A message from the middle child

It has been an incredibly hard Month with all this going on about my older brother, no need to mention his name, what with all the publicity that he has been getting and to top it off my Dad says that the reason I have been unable to get online and send this message is because the computer cables had to be replaced, come on where in India stuff like, that doesn't happen,any way I have a few things to say and update you on....
First of all I am still cute as hell, smart,incredibly funny, gifted athletically, and used to getting my own way.
I too have a bike and unlike the above mentioned brother, mine has hand brakes and gears, whatever those are. I can move my petals forward and backwards they tell me, but at this point I have chosen to only move them backwards which means I basically have a stationary bike which is fine, less falling off potential.
I also am going to school but unlike my brother who chooses public transportation I am taken by the driver and the rest of my staff, everyday . I am coloring, painting and playing with the rest of the kids, very enthusitically, according to my Mame, Glaydis.
I have also been taking care of Billy and keeping him out of trouble. He is my baby brother only from the standpoint that he is younger than me otherwise we are about the same size. I can talk more than him and sometimes you can even understand what I am saying, aren't you proud of me!!
Sometimes I have to jump out of my bed and into Billy's crib during nap time, which I am told tries mt Dads patience, however if Billy is crying or needs me that is what big sisters do!

All this monitoring of the house makes me very hungry so I had my people take me to the Taj West. That is the hotel we stayed at when we first arrived here for yunch,(lunch).

They have so many things on the menu it was hard to choose. So after careful consideration, I asked if it wasn't to much trouble could they please make mine a CHEESEBURGHER!!

Sometimes trying to get these pictures in the right order is hard, so just deal with it.

I will write again soon.

I miss you all and love you!!

Kay Kay