Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Me.my nuk and my EYE

Now that the summer has finally wound down my siblings are off to school I can finally get out amongst my peeps! I am having the time of my life here in jolly old India.! I have been touring with Eddie and Tina the fabulous musical duo from Romania,practicing sitting on a throne, for one day I will be king! I went to a wedding in my new outfit that my Dad thought was so cool he put it on the blog twice!! The neighbor lady has the exclusive rights to distribute chocolate donuts here in Palm Meadows and she needed some one to try them out, they got the thumbs up from me. So far I have not encountered another person on this continent who has a nuk. I am currently going through a phase where I need a certain color nuk at a certain time and if my Mom and Dad do not respond fast enough I have a fit!! ( I can I am practicing to be a King)
I have started talking more and can say Moma, Dada, Jimmy,Kay, kneel before me and other cool words. I still have to nap during the day and take full advantage of the attention I get when everyone else is at school.
I no longer eat from a bowl but use a plate exclusively and I also use a fork, spoon, or knife, which ever makes the most mess. I love to eat rice and then laugh and spit it back out, it makes the grown ups move real fast. I am reading books, and learning my ABC's,how to count and my driver Saravanna thinks I am the smartest in the world. I really love puppy's and stop everyday on the way to the bus stop to play with gus and birdie, two dogs in the neighborhood. Saravanna told my Mom that for my birthday he would buy me a puppy!! Please MOM:)
I am off to a nap and then dinner I hope you are all well and I miss and Love you all. wink,wink!!