Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Happy 14th birthday Kay

Kay has turned 14, how did that happen?!

She has had an amazing year ... she grew 2 inches and gained 7 lbs in the last 6 months and the doctor  (& Kay) is thrilled!! She is now up to 4'10" and 88 lbs and its really helped her gymnastics as it's all muscle.  Another 2inches and 6 lbs and she'll be a power house:)

She also won 3rd on beam in regionals (level 8) and 11th overall. This qualified her to move to level 9 where the skills get MUCH harder, scarier (for mom and dad at least) and it'll the 1st year she could qualify for westerns (regionals in MPLS next  year is the qualifier).  She is one of the top 2 gymnasts in her gym and she works here tail off and adores all her friends there. They are definitely her tribe.

For her birthday its been the week of Kay.  Most of her presents were delayed (boo Amazon) but we turned lemons into lemonade and have been giving her 1 gift a day.  The few gifts she did get on her actually birthday she loved (thank you Grandma/pas and Sue). And, she got a Vineyards Vine shirt that was the source of the best line of the night - from Jimmy: Alright Kay, now you are officially whasian (white/asian - as context they call Vineyards Vines 'the white peoples store' since its extremely preppy any they've never seen anyone of color actually wearing their gear). For the late arriving gifts, we decide to make her work for them and either answer a riddle, solve a puzzle, play a game or do a scavenger hunt in order to find her present of the day.  She is LOVING this and I'm a bit worried we've set the bar really high for next year.  In fact, now she's having us wrap and hide normal packages that come in the mail .... errhhh

We haven't had her friends birthday party yet but the planning is definitely underway. A luau with 12 girls including a sleep over and open gym time.  Tom will be at a boys cabin weekend so Tracy is on her own.  God speed and god bless - let's hope we all survive this!!

Kay, you are funny, brave, hardworking, loyal, generous, a good friend, honest, direct and have the entire world of common sense and survival skills in your little pinky. You are creative, an amazing pastry chef and willing to try anything in the kitchen.  You can also be short tempered, annoyed by us (especially Mom) and independent to the point that we worry about you. You are an amazing kid and we are so proud of you. You are on your way to being an amazing adult and are already one of our favorite people in the whole world. We love you Miss Kay (Kay Kay ... Pookarook) with all our hearts, minds and souls.  Thank god for brining you to us and our deepest thanks and awe to your birth parents and foster parents for the incredibly hard choices they made that blessed up. XOXOXO
Kay made her own cake

Fondue and a toast with kid champagne for Kay

She didnt want her picture taken

Happy girl

Loving her presents from Grandma H and Sue 

Happy! (and dang cute)

The final product, a confetti, rainbow, chocolate layer cake with sprinkles and butter cream frosting....a world of art!