Saturday, June 03, 2017

Schools Out!!

This last week was a whirlwind of final school activities - tests, projects, field trips, parties, graduation, cleaning lockers and handing in books/homework.  Oh, and did we mention, our 19th wedding anniversary.  All in 3 short days.  We are exhausted!!

But, we made it!!!  Its the weekend and now we are focused on getting ready for next week. Ian leaves for home (Korea) on Wednesday, Tracy is doing the MS150 next weekend and Tom is taking Billy to Winnipeg for a taekwondo camp next weekend.  Kay and Jimmy get a hall pass and are staying with friends.

A few highlights

Happy 19th!! Holy cow, we were young ... little did we know what was in front of us ... (See previous blog)
Green Acres is the place to be!

So young:)

Billy's card to us, love that the heart is on fire and on the inside he wrote T+T

Kay was being 13 and wrote this on a sticky note during dinner. Love her forethought...

Billy made us a virtual card

The boys doing dishes after our anniversary dinner of roast lamb risotto and 7 layer salad, yum!

Billy's last day of 6th grade - next year he's off to North Jr High!! Tom will be the only one left at Meadowbrook :(  Love that place!!

The girls beat the boys EVERY time in tug of war at the 6th grade picnic, go figure!

 Fun at the picnic

Hula Hoop/musical chairs type game, fun!

Mummy game at the picnic  

Billy makes a good mummy

Billys partner in crime

Ian getting ready for graduation (exchange students are considered 'seniors' regardless of the grade they are in because its their last year at Hopkins)>   Needless to say, watching YouTube to learn to tie a tie doesnt work. Tom wasnt home and Tracy was helpless. We found someone at school to help him.

Ian Yunsung Lee!!

The program, they did a great job of getting 492 kids graduated in 1 hour and 25 minutes. There were also 33 flags representing 33 birth countries and the school moved the start time of graduation to accommodate Ramadan and Sovaut.   LOVE Hopkins!
Its a wrap!

LOVE Hopkins

The graduate (even though he still has 2 years of high school left and is only 16)


Front of program

The crowd, TONS of cheering and support from the crowd

The choir and orchestra getting ready

The flag procession

The flags!

Kay went to Valley Fair for the last day of school and came home shot at 10pm. Jimmy slept all day, skipping all field trips and proceeded to announce - am I just going to sleep all summer?!

The kids grades are decent, mostly A's/B's but both Jimmy and Kay got a C in math.  Let's just say...there was additional effort that could have been made earlier in the year - good life lesson for both since they have more capability than a C in math.

The kids all thanked their teachers and wished them a good summer.  Jimmy, in particular, got a photo with each of his favorite teachers (math, english, band and choir) since he's off to the high school next year. If I can get a copy of them, I'll post them.

Now, we need to survive the next week and then move into the summer schedule of sports sports and sports....

Wish us luck!!!