Sunday, March 19, 2017

Happy St Pats Day!!!

Another successful ST Pats Day party. It had all the right ingredients, good friends, beer, kids, yummy food (Tom smoked 50 lbs of pork and made homemade BBQ sauce and blue cheese coleslaw, yum!), GREEN!!

We had our parade, a bonfire and the kids had a killer game of ghosts in the graveyard.  We ran out of meat, coleslaw, BBQ sauce sweets and  juice boxes. Plus Tracy managed to give away the troublesome bottle of Southern Comfort that has been plaguing us (thank god for Jack G!).  Still have a bit of beer left, which is a bit unusual (maybe a 1/4 keg left?) along with some fruit, bottled water and 8 1/2 eaten bags of chips. BUT, we gained 5 bottles of wine, 18 bottled beer and a pair of blue shorts (assuming they are Jimmy's friend James who came in shorts but left in sweat pants).

I love that there is always someone at our party we've never met and that people see folks they didnt know we knew or expect to run into.  Small fun world:)  (turns out one of our neighbors, who's husband works with Tom, is the sister of a friend of Tracy's from college)

Here's the proof....