Friday, October 07, 2016

Grandma Bunny & Grandpa Jim aka My Good Man - Part 1

As the summer begins to give way to the fall Grandma and Grandpa start their migration from Northern Michigan towards South Carolina and we are fortunate enough to be on the migration path!
This year they are coming through for a brief stop over then hopping on the train for a couple wet trip out west.

They arrived on Tuesday evening in the midst off the whirlwind that is our daily life. Tracy had secured for them tickets for the practice round on Wednesday of the Ryder Cup, and both Grandma & Grandpa being golf fans were super excited to go.
Wednesday was a gorgeous day here in Minneapolis and they had a blast wandering around Hazleton, seeing their favorite golfers and enjoying a day of golf.

Thursday around here is all about football, as Jimmy takes the field every Thursday trying to lead the Hopkins 9th grade team to victory. The season is not going well without our starting QB, and center, both out injured, however in the game Jimmy caused a fumbled picked it up and ran 25 yards for the teams only touchdown! He later said " I saw the ball and thought, I should pick that up and run with it"

Friday they were able to connect with some of their friends that live here in town, specifically Patty and Aubrey, their best man from their wedding and his wife, they had lunch and visited and really had a good time. Lunch was, of course, at Bunnys. Friday night was gymnastics and TKD and hanging around the house.

Saturday Jimmy also plays on the JV team so we saw another game and then Grandma Bunny's family had a family reunion that Tracy, Billy and Tom stopped by to check in the Bunny's clan.That afternoon Grandma Kay & Grandpa Jeremiah came over for dinner and to catch up. The smoked turkey was awesome and the company was even better!

Sunday we had a nice day just visiting and relaxing. Beeks Pizza, a local iconic, pizza place was on the menu for dinner, which we were able to eat outside until the bugs defeated us and drove us indoors. Tom drove Grandma & Grandpa to the train station and after a minor vehicle issue they were on their way out west! We are exited to see the photo's of the trip...
It was great to have them around to visit, help with the kids and just relax.
It was great to see them and we look forward to part 2 in a couple of weeks when they return!
more to come.....