Monday, August 29, 2016

and ... so starts another school year

The last week has been crazy. All the last minute end of summer bucket list items ...

Jimmy - football football football - he kicked butt in his 1st 9th grade scrimmage (4 sacs, 5 tackles and caught all balls through at him for yardage, even when double teamed) and even made an appearance in a JV scrimmage. He's got all his shoes finally ordered and arrived. Thank god he loves them. (getting new tennie's as a 15 yr old boy is quite the process, believe me ...)  

Kay - besides gymnastics ... campfires, the state fair and packing (and repacking) her school supplies. The girl certainly loves to shop, even if its just for pens/pencils and snacks.  We are loaded for bear.

Billy - taekwondo and LOTS of bike riding and park visiting with friends.

And ... Ian - we managed to get him registered for school, hooked up with his chromebook, went back to school shopping, tried out for soccer (didn't make it:() decided to do cross country, bought running shoes (see above comment on Jimmy) and memorized student id #'s, bus schedules, etc. We even managed a trip to the lake for some swimming.  Ian has never swam or been in a lake before, but ... as we are finding, he's up for trying anything and did a great job wading up to his knees the 1st time out. 

They all opted to take the bus today and were up and at 'em at 6am.  AND, in pretty good moods (which is shocking for those with teenagers). Noone was nervous or anxious for school. Only Tracy. She couldn't sleep and is still worried about how they are all doing with their new teachers, classes, etc.  Even Tom had a full day of training today for his job at the grade school.  Dinner tonight should be fun, love hearing their stories.       

Really proud of this group. The are adventurous, kind, engaged and eager learners. Let's hope it lasts all year:)
Billy - 1st day of 6th grade - Meadowbrook
The Gang - from left to right .. Anders 9th grade, Jimmy 9th grade, Kay 8th grade, Bjorn 7th day - all Hopkins North Jr High - Ian 10th grade Hopkins High School   
BFF Anders and Jimmy