Sunday, April 03, 2016

Mid semester conferences

After a full week of spring break, the kids had a short week with 2 more days off for conferences. They are the last conferences of the year and were very typical. In fact, you could probably just copy/paste the last 9 years of school conferences for each kid and they really don't change from year to year.

Jimmy - per all his teachers, he is a joy to have in class, asks great questions, wants to do well and gets the rest of the kids engaged in learning. He does need to watch how much he is talking to his friends (we call this the murphy curse) His grades saw an improvement from 1st semester

                   1st semester           mid semester
Band                A                         A
Earth Science  A-                        A-
English            A                         A
Geometry         B +                     A  He's most proud of this!! He's been working really hard
Global Studies A-                     A
Phy Ed                                       A
French                                        B-  This class is super frustrating for him. Its at the high school and the last class every  day. Its graded differently than his other classes and he's having a hard time adjusting to the high school level expectations but... he's totally got the speak/comprehension down, its the details of spelling, grammar, etc. His teacher is fully confident he'll get there but he's really hard on himself since this class , along with Geometry, will go on his high school transcript. Can you say perfectionist (which isn't a good thing....)

Kay is doing AMAZING!!  She had an ephipany in January after a full 4 months of us fighting with her on homework, studying, etc.  She announced at dinner "you know, if I do my homework and actually hand it in, I get pretty good grades"  Well, 'duh! She's a smart kid, just has a hard time staying focused so, she decided to get good grades and boy did she ever! Her teachers were SO proud of her and everyone mentioned how they noticed her hard work and attitude. She was walking on clouds when she left, super duper proud of herself. Now we need to get this to "stick":)

                      1st semester            mid semester
English            C                             B
Experimental Science                     A-
French             A                            A
Life Science    C-                           B+ this is the grade she is most proud of and worked hardest at
Phy Ed           A                             A
Pre Algebra    B                            A-
Reading                                         A
US Studies  B-                                B- her nemesis class, she hates this      class, always has

Billy is living out the Murphy curse in a big way these days which we have mixed feelings about. On one hand, he's such a quiet, rule following kid, we are sort of glad he's perking up a bit. ON the other, the talking in class is distracting to the other students and I'm sure frustrating to the teach. at his school, these conferences don't come with grades and are student led. He had to fill out a worksheet on his progress and then lead the conversation with his teacher and parent.  His remarks about his parents crack me up. He really is 80 years old.  His reading has really improved and is now at the 6th grade level and his math is great on the very linear stuff. Needs some work on the non linear concepts but knowing him, thats not surprising.

Really proud of all the kids. They work so hard, love school and are doing well. Cant ask for anything more (except for a little less of the Murphy curse)