Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Tom!!!

Many happy returns of the day and all that:)

Tom's birthday was a full day celebration that is now headed into the weekend. As it should be!!

He was able to have coffee with his friends and in true "old guy" fashion it was a 2 hour coffee. They parked themselves at a popular coffee shop in the old 'hood and managed to see many friends coming in and out to get a cuppa.  Sounds very Grumpy Old Men, doesn't it?!!

Many of you (65+) wished him a happy birthday via Facebook and its so much fun to see the wishes pouring in from long time friends from all over the world. Of course India ruled the day in most well wishes. Love it!!

Phones calls were plenty with long chats getting reconnected the old fashioned way.

We even managed to sneak up for a mini date (40 min) at the local liquor store's Oktoberfest customer appreciation beer tasting in the park. Its always fun to try sips of new beers while catching up with neighbors, other parents from school. I learned I like wheat beers and pineapple cider. Who knew?! 

And as the capstone of the day...the family dinner.  When we asked Tom what he wanted to do for his birthday dinner, he said "make the family Korean". Ok....we are suppose to treat you ... not the other way around BUT...he didn't get any arguing from us as its one of our favorite meals, majorly labor intensive and a real treat. We had pork bone soup, mandu (dumplings) chapjae (noodles) kimchi, chicken wings (even the kids friends say these are the best ever!) and ...of course ... rice.   It was SO GOOD!!

Presents were next and unlike my birthday, they did NOT come from the airport gift shop or the gas station. He made out ... a brand new, high end, high powered (drum roll) Kitchen Aid Mixer. Now, not usually what ever 55 yr old male wants but ... he really has been coveting this for years.  Kay is thrilled and they are already planning their next gourmet meal.   The kids got him a beer tasting kit, new flask, new funnels and a cast iron bacon press.  alcohol and grease, everything you need.

Now we are headed into the weekend where I am SURE we'll sing Happy Birthday a few more times and celebrate with friends.

Tom - we love you. You are an amazing dad, friend, parent, neighbor, support to the kids friends, support to the kids friends parents and overall blessing in our lives. We couldn't do what we do, without what you do.  THANK YOU!!!

 (Jimmy was our photographer of the day)