Thursday, July 09, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday Tracy

WOW, it has been a bit busy over hear at the Loudamericans HQ, but that is no excuse for not posting a Birthday blog.

This year due to circumstances out of our control the kids and I were late arriving from Toronto on Tracy's birthday, which means the intended presents, cake , dinner and overall party was not what we wanted, gifts from the airport, cards and a couple of homemade gift certificates had to do the trick.

We are blessed everyday to have Tracy as our mom, teacher, friend, partner and keeper of all things that are Loudamericans. she is always looking for fun things for us to do, challenges to keep us connected and most of all just being herself.

We had as usual an incredible meal created by Kay and then dessert and presents, an awesome dinner for an equally awesome person.

It is hard to sum up what Tracy means to us so here are a few pictures of what life with Tracy is like: We Love you and we bless you and we super excited to be with you everyday! Love Tom, Jimmy, Kay , Billy and Nikki