Thursday, June 11, 2015

Schools out for the Summer

Oh, Oh what I want to know, where does the time go?

Just the other day we were putting on winter coats and boots , now schools out!!
The summer is shaping up to being perhaps the best summer ever. The kids are all registered for the favorite activities; rock band, football, gymnastics, cooking, Lego and Taekwondo, camps ( more as that unfolds).
The annual fishing trip, a side trip to Toronto, baseball tourneys visits from family and friends, camping (twice!) the list goes on and on...  To make it even better, the kids are at an age where they can take off on their bikes and be gone for hours playing Hunger Games, basketball, baseball, at the park, etc. Its fun to see them pack a backpack of snacks, a water bottle and yell - see you later! We'll be home before dark.  Have to admit, we are a bit jealous.

Jimmy and Anders walked to and from the bus just about everyday and spent more time with each other than their own families. Jimmy had a great 7th grade, was a really big deal on campus and even managed to pull of a 3.88 GPA. He is super excited for the summer and for the 8th grade. He has been on fire at the plate and is catching awesomely. His team is struggling however he has a great

Kay, Billy and Bjorn were carpool buddies and we had some great conversations on the way to school. They are a funny and insightful group of kids. They hold each other accountable too, which is hysterical!

Kay finished her tenure at Meadowbrook Elementary and is off to middle school to both keep an eye on and bother Jimmy. She is all ready for summer just coming off a pedicure and a 6th grade graduation/ type ceremony.  She was beyond the moon about the pedicure, couldn't stop talking and was in amazement about the whole process. We may have created a monster.

Billy is moving on top 5th grade having completed the 20 book challenge, and a trip to the Mall of America and Nickelodeon World. He spent the entire day at the park and played tennis and basically sweated to death. Mainly because he insisted on where long pants and a sweatshirt on the warmest day of the year.  He's got awesome friends and while he doesn't want to grow up (and especially doesn't want to go through puberty) he's really excited to be with his friends again next year.

The summer is here and the time is right .... were going racing in the streets......

Next up?! The Father kid fishing trip to Vermillion and the MS150. Be on the look out:)