Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Level 4 & 5 Year End Gymnastics Celebration

Which was the perfect excuse Kay and Tom needed to go out and buy a chocolate fountain.....

The group of girls all had a pretty good year and Kay was adamant that we have a celebration and in true form no one was allowed to bring anything you know like we were having a birthday party, its Kay her plan.

So we had 12 girls and some of their parents over for an afternoon/ evening of games, food tree climbing, back flips, some drama, you know gymnasts'. The girls spent the whole time outside and had a pretty grand time.

The chocolate fountain was making it's debut and while we were getting it prepared the girls had apparently broken into two groups. One group was making up mean songs about the other group and when Kay heard what was going on she went over to the song makers and told them " this is my party and there will be no drama, if you can't be nice I will send you home and no chocolate fountain", all was calm after that, don't mess with her, she hates drama.

Of course no celebration that Kay is involved in is complete without a cake, enoughsaid!

We had a bonfire and enjoyed our almost completed back yard, more on that later.
Way top go Northwest and we are proud of all the girls!!