Friday, April 10, 2015

We are who we are… Jimmy’s Gotcha Day, 13 years ago …

Each year we celebrate the day our kids came home to be a part of our forever family. Of course, Jimmy is the one that kicks off into being a family and today is his Gotcha Day. Rather than the traditional blog post on Gotcha Day, I got a little reminiscent and looked back at prior posts (see links below).  And, had a revelation…. We are who we are….

Much of what we write about (for each kid) is similar year upon year. They get bigger, smarter, funnier  but they really don’t change at all. Jimmy is still outgoing, kind, funny, sports oriented, competitive and independent. (Don’t be fooled by the sullen look in this photo – he’s practicing being “cool”)  Seeing how that is developing in him is such a gift.  As a friend answers, when asked “is it nature or nurture?”  - its neither.  Nurture their Nature. I love this and that’s our mission as parents.  Help make them the best “them” they can be.
That was then...

                                                                                                                        This is now....

Here’s a taste of the blog last year….  

As we went around and talked about our favorite parts of Jimmy (his kindness, his laugh, his determination, his sharing/playing with Billy) it reminded us how much he is still the same talkative, happy, outgoing kid that he was as a baby.

We talked about how we met Jeff/Karen and then traveled to Korea with them to meet our boys. They met Hayden 20 min after we met Jimmy and we traveled home together. Jimmy eating and talking, Hayden sleeping.  They are such important parts of our memories of that 1st and amazing adventure.

Jimmy - we love you. We also love all the people that cared for you SO much that they nurtured and loved you only to turn you over (forever) to people they didn't know from 1/2 way around the world; starting with your birth mother/father but that also includes the doctors, nurses, social workers and your foster family.  If that's not love, I don't know what is....         

If you want more of the same (and some really cute photos) check these out!  Not sure what else to say other than – we love you Jimmy and we promise to do whatever we can to make you, your birth parents, your foster family and the universe proud of us as your mom and dad.

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