Monday, February 16, 2015

Random updates, good news, bad news good news

Starting with the good news, we are having a really fun February!! Everyone seems to have come out of their post holidays January hibernation and were ready for some fun. Jimmy had a Bar Mitzvah (Jacob aka Snowflake), Billy and Kay had a dance party at Tae KwonDo, Tom and Tracy had dinner with Jim/Jen Fellows, we ALL ate yummy brats at the New Bohemian sausage and ale house by our house with the VanMeters, Big 10 subs with Wendy and a gated community party where the kids overtook our house and the adults when to a sing a long with Erin Schwab (our favorite local performer - think Bette Midler; huge voice, show tunes and great '80's ballads). The kids all had Vday parties at school and while Jimmy's basketball team isnt winning, he's having a blast with his friends. Its all good!

Then, on the evening of Vday we learned that Tom's mom (Kay) was getting admitted to the hospital with severe bloating in her abdomen (bad news).  They removed 1 liter of fluid and started tests. We drove up on Presidents Day to visit her and see how she was doing. She looked great and was in good spirits ... all things considered. The doctors knew it was cancer but didnt know the type or severity until more tests came back.  Also at the hospital was Tom's dad (Jeremiah) sister (Brigid) brother (Pat) and aunt Marty. It was super nice and low key and fun to catch up even if we were all a bit jumpy. I think Kay mainly wanted to get out of the hospital so that she could get some good sleep. Hospitals are no place for sick people!!   Kay made Oreo cookie squares and once again proved her Master Kids Chef worthiness. Everyone raved about them and it was nice to have a bit of a treat together.

On the way home, we got the best bad news you can get!  (aka: good news) Kay has a very treatable and minor form of ovarian cancer. 3 months of chemo and she should be as good as new.  Funny how that sounds like good news when you worry about the worst (but hope for the best).

Please send thoughts of peace and healing to Kay. I'm sure the next few months will be challenging, but its do-able, especially with the families/friends support.

Give everyone you know/love a big hug and recognize how blessed you are.... Be grateful for everyday!!  Love to you ALL!