Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Camp and TKD

Hard to believe we are half way through the summer and the kids are living the rock star like, well one is literally!

The kids each chose one camp for the summer and true to form they chose wisely, grasshopper. Billy spent the week in Lego camp glorious Lego Camp all Lego all the time, heaven. This year his friend and Lego enthusiast Spencer joined Bill for the week of incredible adventure and building every boy should share. Each day was different theme, Jurassic park, buildings and cranes, monsters, heros and the like.  The boys had a blast and were actually Legoed out by the end of the week.

Kay was again at the Chef Upstairs and this time her friend Megan came along. The days were filled with creating breakfast, lunch menu planning and a trip to the farmers market for the supplies and then creating lunch and everyday a different dessert, crazy good food. Kay of course was in her element and her reputation as a top contender preceded her to camp, the results of the chopped competition are a guarded secret however the smile gave it away!

Jimmy the rock star, was once again submersed in his undisclosed favorite passion, live music performances. He was up early and ready to go everyday, no complaints and off to rock band camp, seriously passionate and ready to go. This year he felt a bit under challenged, but stepped out from behind the drums to play piano on The house of the Rising Sun, He spent several nights plugged into the computer teaching himself the piano solo for the song as the one the camp wanted him to play wasn't authentic enough. The group also played a song from the Skatalites called Confucius on which ne played drums and The commodores Brick House on which Jimmy and the other drummer split the drumming responsibility. There was a kid in the band named Dermot, whom played the Alto Sax and who's name the band built their name around coming up with Dermot and the Frogs, they we awesome.

The week came to a close with Billy in his final Canadian Taekwondo Tournament, this one in Niagara Falls, fitting. Tracy and Bill left the house early in the morning to make the trek to the Falls. Billy waited around for a few hours getting ready and performed awesomely coming in both second in Pomsae and Sparring, way to go Billy! He was super proud of himself and we are too.