Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scholastic Update

The reports cards are here the reports cards are here.....
Well not really the progress reports came out last week and the kids as usual did great! The Elementary Progress Report Cards is designed to show the your child's development of the learning skills and work habits as well s general progress in working towards the achievement of the curriculum expectations in all subjects. Translated it means the first few rounds are a tie as the fighters feel each other out..just saying.

The areas of focus for the progress reports are in two separate categories with several subsets of each. They are Learning skills and work habits, the subcategories are: responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative and self-regulation. The second category is subjects which include: language, French, ( not Billy), Mathematics,Science and Technology, History, geography, Health and Phys-Education and The Arts.

Jimmy has really taken to being a self starter as far as homework and taking ownership of his studies. So much so he is now using that as a platform to get his own computer, because he could get his homework done without having to tie up the home computer...like I said a real self starter. Jimmy is meeting or exceeding every one of the categories and is extremely focused on the arts and playing drums for the first time in front of his peers. He is committed to school and his focus is paying off!! His goal is to make honor roll and at this pace, he'll get there! fun to see him taking a responsible approach to school:)

Kay is a super enthusiastic learner, loves school, all sorts, and she too is meeting or exceeding in all the categories, well except two, which are organization and self-regulation. However in her defense it is hard to be a budding artist, culinary protégé and follow the rules to a T. She is doing very well in French and is out of the park when it comes to drama, but we knew that already!

Billy can not get enough of social studies and he rounds out the trifecta of meeting and or exceeding expectations. He did score a progressing very well in social studies. He also can use art to express ideas about what he cares about in his community and environment. (what ever that means) Billy is super happy in third grade, loves his teacher, his friends and Canada. Hes the kid that would want to stay here permanently. Canada has been really good to Billy, he's come into his own.

All in all high marks, and a great start to the school year, well done!!
We are proud of you!!!!