Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A quick lunch Fix

Kay was hungry the other day and asked if she could make her own lunch, why not we said, the result:

First cut a piece of watermelon into very tiny bits and repeat with an Asian pear.


Next heat sesame oil and olive oil and butter in a pan and add a ½ cup cooked rice and stir fry.


Meanwhile bring water to a boil and add spiral pasta and boil until done.

While the pasta is cooking melt as much Philadelphia cream cheese you can find, in a pan along with a generous helping of 35% cream and butter with a small amount of olive oil, mix until well melted.

Add salt and pepper and then steal as much Parmesan cheese as you can until your dad yells at you because he needed the cheese for another dish, then when he goes to talk with your brother, steal one more handful and melt it in the sauce so he won’t know.

Serve the pasta, rice and fruit on a plate with separate containers add salt and devour like you have never eaten before