Friday, August 16, 2013

A little help from our Friends

The rock stars, while attending KCC, were also fortunate enough to have several sleep overs and play dates with their cousins and friends from the OL' neighborhood and school.

Jimmy was able to connect for several sleep overs with his cousin Ben and even hang out with Kaden Murphy, an added bonus. Kay hooked up with Carmen, for 2 ...yes two... sleep overs as well as an afternoon play date. She was also able to see Mia and Grace, making the trip home in her words, "totally awesome"! Rounding out the schedule was a double play date for Kay and Billy with Ella and Cole both stating "don't bug us",,, Kids same the darndest things.

Into the mix of things was Tracy having to work as well as havung a day out with Angela for pedicures, bike riding and accesorising. She was able to finds an awesome basket along with both Canadian and American flags and a drum here Jimmy of you please... a pinwheel...awesome. Tim and Patrick along with the rest of the Gated Community had us over for an afternoon of lazing by the pool. Kids swimming adults catching up and as always tearful laughs at the expense of ourselves and others.

Photo Bombs and other crazy fun:

Out of nowhere we were able to arrange sleepovers for all the kids on the same night which translated into da da da: DATE NIGHT! We meet up with Wendy and Annemiek for a trip to The Pig ate my Pizza, the owners of Travail, our favorite restaurant in the world, are in the process of buying a building and creating a new space for the restaurant so in the old space the created this crazy awesome pizza joint, complete with a 4 course tasting menu followed by a liquid nitrogen infused desert, quite simply awesome!

Kay and her God Father, Uncle Mike had a special night planned and of course it was all about Kay, her birthday and getting a special present from Mike and Libby:)

The Reception:
The best for last ...Jim and Jen Fellows had scheduled their Wedding Reception for the last weekend we were in town and let me tell you cute has nothing on these two. The evening was full of great fun, dancing and a heated argument over which song Tracy and I danced to at our Wedding. There was not an actual agreement but the vote was in favor of Joshua Kadison, Painted Dessert, which I must say was the song.
We headed back to Jim & Jen's place for what Kay lives for, the After Party, which was going great until the tequila came out, enough said! (kids and tequila don't mix) Happy 6 Months to Jim and Jen and many many more, we love you guys!

(as an aside, Jim works as a teacher to special needs kids. He teaches them life skills and one thing he's come up with is "where in the Twin Cities is Jim?" He creates videos and the kids have to figure out where he is, and then figure out how to take public transit to find him. Its brilliant, education, unique and super fun. That's our Jim Fellows:) here's a clip...

Thanks for all the fun, hospitality and love.. more to come