Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Also known as ...we love Tom day!!

1st of all, Happy Fathers Day to ALL the Fathers in our life...
    Grandfathers (Jeremiah and Jim) - you are great examples of staying active and engaged in what you love; whether its golf or basketball or your friends AND (of course) your family!
    Godfathers (Jim, Mike and Jeff) - thank you for all the care and attention you give our kids, they love you for it and it makes you a part of our family:)
     Birth and Foster fathers (all in Korea:)) - thank you for your love, healthy start, and amazing ability to give the biggest gift EVER ... life !!!  AND...then make the most selfless decision EVER, to let your children be raised by someone else in a new/different forever family. I cant even imagine ... you are our heros!!

But... all of this pales in comparison to what Tom does for us everyday - he's Father of the Year! Let me list a few....
    School:  Makes every school lunch, knows every teacher, volunteers for every activity (including super boring field trips)
   Friends: knows all the kids friends AND their parents! keeps us in a healthy supply of loving/caring friendship when I run out of time, makes sure we have fun and down time together
   Sports/Activities: is chauffeur to baseball, basketball, football, gymanstics, Tae Kwon Do, piano, drums, playdates, camp, etc etc....
   Chef: using his talents in the classroom to make us the most unbelievable family meals, its such a treat (in this day an age especially) to be able to eat a homemade meal as a family EVERY night of year. AND...its not all fish sticks and tator tots. Our menu includes: Greek, Korean, Indian, Coastal, BBQ, you name it, he can make it!!
    CEO of the House: does all the shopping, cleaning, fixing, calling, negoitating, etc that goes with running a household of 5, especially when you arent playing with a home field advantage:)
    Advocate for kids and families everywhere: sits on the board of Gift of Adoption (a grant making organization for adoptive families), is engaged in Crisis Nursery (a non-profit support network/facility for families in crisis), frequenlty is a mentor to newly promoted stay at home dads and new expats. 

Tom made a decision a few years ago that being a "father" was going to be his full time job and he wanted to be the best at it. Well...Tom... you've done it. You are amazing and we lead a rich, blessed, loving, engaged, active, hectic, crazy and fun life because of YOU!!

I love you. The kids love you. Thank you for being the best.... Happy Fathers Day!