Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day Jimmy!

It was 11 years ago today Sargent Pepper taught the band to play and our drummer is still pounding out the beat night after night after night (and during the day as well). It is a blessing in more ways thaen one that our neighbors recently had a newborn so we could stop Jimmy from sneaking our of bed and playing his drums!

Yes Jimmy came home from Korea 11 years ago, said "Jimmy Murphy nice to meet ya" and has kept up his yearning to be the center of attention, in all things, and in particular in his talent for music. He is still passionate about sports, both playing and supporting his siblings and friends and family. He is on the sideline cheering Kay in her gymnastics and offering Billy Master Meogie advice during Billy's Tae Kwan Do tournaments.

He is really trying to step up his studies and is bound and determined to get his first 100% in math. True to form, Jimmy suffered a set back recently as far as math goes and lost the opportunity to get a phone. The whole phone discussion is for a different blog, he did however handle the set back with grace and some ease. He has been studying extra hard and has stopped the incessant arguing with mom and dad about what needs to be studied and what does not (He is thinking of his sports career or broadcast journalism careers don't pan out he will be a lawyer) because he is a good arguer, not negotiator. He recently informed Tracy that when the time comes for her next review he would be happy to march down to headquarters and " straighten" them out, good God! He's got definite ideas on what she should negotiate for a signing bonus and extra strategy. Too much NFL draft I say!

Jimmy is now finishing up basketball where his team made it to the championship game and fell short of adding a second first place to his record. His comment " wow I am getting a lot of extra season playing under my belt"! Baseball is just around the corner as is a trip to the local Play it again Sports as the kid never stops growing and needs new shoes, gloves, bat, you get the picture. He is excited to get back behind the plate and throw runners  out trying to steal second, that base is mine he says!

Here are some of our favorite Jimmy memories. Its funny how kids personalities dont change, they just get bigger. And, Jimmy has a very big personality.

We love you Jimmy and are so glad you started our family 11 years ago. Big hugs to your birth parents and foster parents as well for loving you and caring for YOU. We love them for all they have done for us and you.