Saturday, March 02, 2013

Billy kicks butt - literally!

Billy is now a yellow with green stripe belt! Yeah! 

He tested for the next level of Tae Kwon Do yesterday and did an amazing job. He started sparring this winter and he's gotten really good. Part of the test was sparing and it was really fun to see. The kids wear a ton of pads, can barely move but manage to kick the snot out of each other and love it!

Up next?! His 1st competition in 2 weeks.  We'll head to Kitchner for the day and see how Billy does against his "adversaries".  We are super proud of how hard he works at TKD and how much he loves it.  GO Billy GO!!  check out the video, billy is in the blue helmet ... 


In other Billy news, he's pretty much got it made.  He and Tracy were cuddling and talking after she had a long day at work...  
Billy "I'm sorry you had a hard day"
Tracy "Do you ever have hard days?"
Billy " Umm.... no not really"
Tracy "Really?! Never?"
Billy "Well, maybe one or two"
Tracy "Wow, you have a great life, only 1 or 2 bad days in your whole 8 years?!"
Billy "Yeah, I like being a kid"
Billy "What do you like about being a grown up?"
Tracy "Having kids"
Billy "Not that...not every grown up has kids, whats one thing all grown ups like about being grown ups?"
Tracy "being able to work and buy the people we love things and presents, what do you think you'll like about being a grown up"
Billy "I dont know, I dont really know much about grownups"
Tracy "What about Daddy and I?"
Billy "I really dont have any idea what you do when I'm not around"
We should all be so content and happy with our lot in life.  It was a super good life lesson for Tracy and made a hard day great....