Monday, February 18, 2013

report card time (again)

Its that time again, report cards! Given the teacher union situation up here (see previous blog) we werent sure what to expect on the mid winter report cards. We were pleasantly surprised...

Jimmy - doing really well in science, music, gym and French (B+ to A-) and needs some work on attention to detail in Language and Math (C+ to B-). Overall his behavior is getting better, he's interrupting less and is encouraging kids in gym vs getting frustrated. He's still a little too social and I'm not sure his teacher appreciates when he tries to negotiate for a better grade but...he was given high marks on wanting to do well, completing homework, being engaged and sticking to it until he understands. Hes a hands on learner and isnt afraid to ask questions.  

Kay - an "enthusiastic" learner and got her best report card ever! She has only missed about 3 spelling words all year, is kicking butt in math and loves science because she gets to do experiments. Her pronouciation in French is good and shes friends with everyone. Her grades were all in the B+ or higher range and she is also not afraid to ask questions and put herself out there. She is good in groups but sometimes rolls right over people and could use a little work on collaboration (who couldnt?!). Her gym teacher is mightly impressed with her hand eye coordination, speed and strength. She is a natural athelete. She needs to work on neatness and staying organized. (you should see her room - oy!)           

Billy - LOVES science and figuring out how stuff works. He's a natural in math and is a very engaged reader. He fits into the class dynamics nicely and could use a little work on  staying on task when hes in self directed work time. He is also easily distracted by others but doesnt cause trouble, is just social (squirrel). He doesnt seem to put in much effort and easily gets B's or higher. If he even applied himself a bit more, he'd be an easy A student. He adores his teacher and I suspect he's an easy kid to have in class.

So, there you go. Print these off and bring them to their 1st annual review when they are adults and establishing their careers. I swear we have the same conference/report for each of them each year. You are who you area...right?! :)

We are very proud of how they are doing but...more importantly, they were happy with their grades and proud of their accomplishments. They are very self motivated to do it! and them :)