Sunday, January 27, 2013

getting back into a routine

Post the holidays and into the new year, its all about getting back into a routine. The kids need to get used to homework, school and practicing piano, drums etc.  So, we dont have anything new to report. 

Jimmy is in the next section of basketball and football winter training camp starts in 2 weeks. Hes got a ton of school projects (movie poster as a book report, a stand up presentation on explorers and a science experiment to create a catapult).

Kay added another 3 hours of gymnastics practice in order to get ready for her (1st) competitions this spring (she's up to 9 hours of practice a week and shes ripped. Didnt know a 9 yr old could have a 6 pack).   

Billy has started sparring in Tae Kwon Do and is loving 'taking kids down'.

Tom started his next chef class - sauces and marinades and in 2 weeks has knife skills class. So...he'll be in class 2x week for a few weeks.

Tracy has been working unbelievable hours, including nights and weekends, but we know its "just" for 2013. Part of what we signed up for.... On the silver lining side, she started her drum lessons that we got her for Christmas and is realizing how hard it really is. Jimmy does his best not to roll his eyes, which is thoughtful.  Its intimidating being a beginner when there is a pro in the house...

Nikki is loving the cold weather and has started just sitting in the back yard and staring at the house. We have a big picture window in the kitchen and she just sits and watches us. Must be like doggy tv. yesterday she did that for 2 hours. It was 5 degrees out...

So...thats it, regular, suburban family life in full swing.

Keep posted for the next post...itll be a dozy ... All I have to say, groundhogs day, pasta and MPLS.....