Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

"Sandy, the fireworks are hailing over little Eden tonight" ... Bruce S...but!  not enough to stop the innocence of youth and the trick or treaters.

The after affects of the storm have been going on all week here and at one point the city of Toronto was considering postponing or preponing, Halloween, depending on your point of reference. The weather held out (sort of) and Halloween went on as scheduled. Tracy was frantically trying to get home from a trip to Minneapolis in time to participate in the festivities, which she was able to do. A good thing too, she had the candy and final touches to Billys Ninja costume!

Things started out as they usually do with school schedule Halloween events. Jimmy was decked out as PSY and the whole Gangham Style craze. He had school as usual until 1:00 and the dance (mention in the previous blog) began, with him sneaking off to the office, so Dad could tie his bow tie. "Thanks Dad" and he was off. He has a tendency when he is nervous to talk non-stop and while I was tying his bow tie he never stopped talking, so ..... make your own judgement. A quick update on the dance. The boys danced with the boys and the girls danced with the girls and its nice to know that middle school dances havent changed in 1,000 years:)

Kay and Billy headed off to school "in"costume. Kay was )until that morning) going to be a nerd, then a zombie then decided to be a witch, women's prerogative I guess. Bill was a Ninja compete with hood and black sash. If I am to believe Kay they had two periods of school then pushed their desks against the wall and proceeded to watch movies and eat candy. Judging by her demeanor after school I tend to agree all she ate was sugar. Bill true to form was not quite sure what he had for lunch however he did have a big bag of candy and a super sized smile.

The time between school and the trick or treating hour was filled up with practicing piano & drums.  Then Kay (of course) changing her costume to be a nerd. Complete with a I love nerds t-shirt and a old pair of Jimmy's glasses with a bit of white surgical tape to round out the "look", God help us. Jimmy was off to a pizza party at his friend Brock's.  Kay and Billy of to the Dojo for a costume and pizza party of their own. The kids ran around the Dojo and poor Ted the Tae Kwan Do instructor was trying too play traffic cop, to no avail.

Back home to meet Tracy, a quick 'Hi' and Billy was out the door with his buddy Josh and Kay was off to Megan's. The light drizzle was just enough to bother the adults and barely even registered to the candy seekers. Billy called it quites around 7:30, Kay and Jimmy came back soaked, muddy with their friends, parents and everyone dripped water all over the inside of our house, did I mention it is a rental!?!

We sorted the candy while having pizza and seafood stew and clearly we have to much candy!

Happy Halloween to all!