Friday, June 15, 2012

Schools out for the summer

The last day of school came rushing at us as the wheels of the old Pilot turned, time... where did it go?

Seriously it seems just like yesterday the kids were heading of to school and now here comes summer. The kids each had different end of the year programs to celebrate.

Jimmy and his class prepared a Peace Program and sang several songs, did skits and used the alphabet to talk about peace and equality as the healthy way to view the world. (the link is below)The kids then had a parade down to the local park where they spent all day having a picnic, playing games and generally having a blast.

Kay and her class had Paris days, which is a celebration around (obviously) Paris. There was a Tour de France around the parking lot, a street vendor area complete with a chocolate fountain, a fashion show and a flea market. The kids learned several words and phrases in French and were able to order from the vendors in French. Kay also had an end of the year girl scout party and they girls had a blast.

Billy had a awesome first grade teacher, Mrs. Vaughn and she hepled mold our young son into well.... we shall see. Billy and the first graders had a picnic at Yosemite park where they played kick ball, basketball and had a water fight. The kids all brought their own lunch and shared a great time.

The summer is upon us and were are spending the first couple of weeks hanging out, going fishing and having play dates to say good bye to our friends. For now, as we move to Canada on the 24th!
More to come.
Have a great summer! ( The Peace Program)