Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend/Kid update

Holy cow, we have been busy...the kids are doing great and having fun!  Let's give a quick rundown of last weekend and all their adventures.

In our starting line up - Jimmy  # 10 of the Marlins! Friday nights game was a 7:30 start. Given that the kids need to be there 40 minutes ahead to warm up and the games go until the 6th inning or 2 1/2 hours, which ever comes 1st AND Tracy had to work the concession stand AND Tom was at a poker game AND it was raining ..... it was gearing up to be a long night.

The Marlins were back and forth with the Cubs, 1st ahead, then due to some Bad News Bears type moves, behind 6-11.  But, they weren't deterred. Jimmy steps up to bat and hits a line drive into centerfield. A 3 run, inside the park, home run!! The crowd goes wild and this play sets off a turn around for the Marlins. Jimmy also managed to throw a kid out at 2nd while he was playing catcher. (BTW, catcher is HIS position. he's awesome at it - he pays meticulous attention to the game, where all the players/ball are and has really quick reflexes. He's the next Joe Mauer!).  Of course, they took it to the end of the 5th (9:55pm) and ended up winning 12-11. A nail biter and their 1st win of the year!! Go Marlins!!

Then, Monday nights game, back at it!! Against the Cubs AGAIN and a virtual repeat of Friday's game.  Marlins are up, then down, then Bad News Bears issues, then behind by 4 runs.  A couple of his team mates get some good hits, steals and we are now tied in the bottom of the 6th, no outs and Jimmy's up to bat. What does he do?! The EXACT same hit off the EXACT same pitcher for a triple. The kids on fire!! Next kid up, a swing, a miss and CONNECTION!! A base hit and Jimmy runs home for the winning run!! 12-11 Marlins!!

Kay, not to be outdone, had a full Girl Scout Encampment this weekend. The theme was "beauty within" and she and Tracy headed out to Zimmerman (45 min northwest) for a full day and overnight of crafts, activities, troop bonding and serious drama.  Kay was in HEAVEN. Every hour, on the hour, a new craft or game or activity or new way to make a mess that you didn't have to clean up.  We were with 16 of her troop members, 5 other mom's and about 50 other girls scouts ranging from Daisies to Cadets. The weather was gorgeous and it was pretty well organized. We did a hike, saw horses, made pizza on the grill, roasted s'mores and basically had good "girl" time. Little did I know that girl time also includes drama, and lots o f it.  Its all the (behind the back) name calling, excluding, including, promises to be a friend, threats to not be a friend, etc that it seems girls partake in.  It was interesting to see the Mom's get involved (ie: wrapped up in it) as well.  Kay seemed somewhat distant from it all and when I asked the other Mom's, they said "no, Kay's not usually involved in the drama" whew!  When I talked to Kay about it on the way home, and I asked her what she does/says when its happening, she just said "I tell them that we should be a sister to EVERY Girl Scout".   Kay for President !!!!

Tom, Jimmy and Billy attended Yia Yia's funeral while the girls were out "encamping". Yia Yia is Jimmy's BFF and 2nd cousin Ben's Great grandma. She's Greek and recently passed away at 101.  The funeral was interesting (ie long), small (less than 40 people, but what do you expect, she doesn't have many friends left!) and a great opportunity to Tom to reconnect with his Aunts/Uncles and cousins.  Stephanie Ben's mom and Ben were really glad Tom & Jimmy were there for support. Stephanie had been Yia Yia's primary care taker for the last few years so it was a real loss to them emotionally and physically.

Sunday was a long bike ride for Tracy (finally) and paddle boating on Lake Calhoun with friends from India. I have to admit, its something everyone should do....Once and only once:)  Jimmy was all gun ho until he realized that he really had to peddle, than that changed everything. As he said "He laid there like a slug, it was his only defense" (a favorite quote from A Christmas Story". Then it was home for homemade Indian food (Thanks Tom) and calls to our grandmas/etc. We hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Mothers Day!!

Billy is our clean up hitter. He had his 1st grade play today and it was AWESOME!  They did Rumplestitlekin and he was a guard. On Monday night, he was "so nervous" and said he was going to be embarrassed if we even said a word during the play. Well, he recovered and was smiley and squirrel the whole way through. The kids obviously had a gas and you can tell that we are in the final 30 days of school. Its the time of field trips, school performances, Paris day, Peace Concert, etc. Not sure how much they are learning, but they are sure having fun!

More to come as we sprint to the finish of school ,the MS150, Tom/kids fishing trip and move to Canada.  I'm getting tired just thinking about it:)