Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bits and Bites

Lots going on these days, this is a quick snap shot of what we've been up to:)
Tracy had a girls night out with 4 of her friends. What's the big deal, your thinking? Well, these are her best friends from Bangalore and it was the 1st time they were all together in over 4 years!

It felt like it was just yesterday that we were drinking lime sodas salted and getting pedicures. AND...I think you'll agree, we haven't changed a bit:) Stuti was in town for a meeting with Target, Radha has just moved to MPLS on a 18 month expat assignment and Angela made the trek up from Rosemount:)

3rd grade at Meadowbrook comes with a special guest during Black History Month - Solly Hughes. Solly comes in and spends 2 weeks teaching the kids drumming, music and the influence of African Americans on our culture. The kids LOVE it and the week ends with a concert. It was a gas! This was the first year that the thried graders got to perform in front of the whole school, and they did awesome!

Billy's 1st grade class celebrated Black History month by memorizing a Langston Hughes, it was really cute and VERY impressive!
Here is the link :