Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Freedom's just another word for ....

Thursday was another typical day here at the Loudamericans Headquarters in GV,Mn. We had a quite dinner planned with Dee, Mike Wendy, Lucy and the Loudamericans. It seems that everyone arrived at the same time and Nicki took advantage of the door being open and bolted the quiet freedom of a dog on the run.

There was one fleeting moment where we saw her and actually had her in our grip but somehow a mysterious jogger went past attention was diverted by one of the younger ones and the inevitable " Where did Nicki go?"

Well .... she went down over the highway to check out St.Louis Park and the nature center. Tom was driving all over the neighborhood, Minnows (& then Wendy) was walking Lucy in hopes of seeing and or drawing out the Nickster but to no avail. The calls were made to the humane society, animal protection and police. Tracy bribed the neighbor kids with $5 if they found her and our gated community friend Kristin went for a long run looking for her. Jimmy, ever so attached to the dog say's " well Nicki is gone ... can wel get a new puppy?"

The following morning at 10:20 Sharp, the Human Society opens at 10:00 we got a call from a wonderful lady named Charlie and her son Eddie. They live over in SLP by the nature park and were kind enough to let Nicki bunk with them on Thursday night. They came over Friday to check up on Nicki. Jimmy thanked them for returning our dog and gave the fudgicles for their troubles. (Can you say "phew" ... needless to say we didnt get a great night sleep knowing Nicki might be "at large" but in typical LoudAmerican fashion, we now have 2 new friends...)

Friday night found Tom and Tracy out to their first concert in over three years and were treated to a great night with Lucy Kaplansky. The group had a great time and we are now looking forward to the Boss in May.

Saturday was full of events. The morning found us at the Mall of America at 8:00 for the Frazer walk for Autism followed by a few rides at Nickelodeon world and lunch at Tigers Park with the Van Meter's. Saturday night was a quite affair after returning home from a Benilde-St. Margaret's event honoring Mr. J for his 200th retreat. Jimmy did a good job sitting through his first ever full Catholic mass. The couple times the pac man noises drowned out the Priest can be overlooked as first time issues! We had a nice dinner with Uncle Jim Fellows.

Sunday was a dreary day with the Miller's arriving as we tried to resurrect a traditional Indian Sunday brunch but not being able to go outside put a damper on the events. We are all waiting until the Fischer's get settled and get out thier tent then the good times will roll!