Monday, August 07, 2006

Holy Sh_T !!!

We have had an incredibly busy 3 days.

Saturday - We moved into our house on Saturday which meant we had to move OUT of the Taj West. Believe me, packing to move out of a hotel that you have been in for 2 weeks is no easy task. We had stuff(sh_t) everywhere. The staff literally stood at the exit of the hotel and waved us off. I dont know if they'll miss us or if they were just happy to see us go. (They are probably enjoying the peace and quiet) .BUT... They were wonderfully nice. They gave us an extra car (complimentary) to get to our new house (we dont fit in 1 car with 5 people and all our luggage). They also sent a FREE dinner out to our house that night! We had shrimp rissotto, caeser salad and chicken supreme the 1st night in our house. That was a godsend since we didnt even own a pot (see previous blog...). Then came the task of actually unpacking all our boxes that were airshipped. Needless to say the movers just put things in boxes, no rhyme or reason. I was quite overwhelmed to unpack all our boxes with the 3 kids under foot. It was chaos. I am shocked that we got it all unpacked and put away on Saturday. Obviously we didnt bring much!
The kids didnt sleep well at all and we had one of them in our bed at any given time. Not much sleep for us.

Sunday - We declared it a vacation day. Amanda (cousin Matt's wife) is here doing an 8 week residency at St John's Hospital. After much determination (and false starts) on her part, she made it to our house! We spent the day at the pool and eating lunch. It was pretty relaxing. (ok as relaxing as you can get with 2 kids that cant swim and open water everywhere you look). But... the pool is beautiful and the kids loved it. We bought a pot, some groceries and made our 1st home cooked dinner! Spagetti and crusty bread. It was as fancy as we could get. Plastic utensils and plates and all.

Monday - The 1st day of school!! Jimmy went to Kindergarten today and Kay went to pre-school. He was hysterical (see next blog for photos). They all wear uniforms and its amazing to see so many dark haired kids in clean white shirts and khaki shorts. He stands a full head taller than anyone else in his class. At least you can spot him from a distance. We were a little late (of course) and the class had already left for assembly. Jimmy was wisked away by another teacher. We peered in the school and watched as 300 kids all stood in straight lines, sang and said a prayer. Then they stood at attention and at ease. Finally they all filed out. Jimmy spotted us and said, "what are you doing here?". So much for missing us, I suspect he'll be fine even though I was little misty eyed. Kay on the other hand, wasnt so sure about having us leave. She told us tonight that she cried "just a little" but then was ok because "we came back". After school, Tom played host to 3 kids, the furniture (kitchen table) delivery guy, the internet guy, the cable guy and the gas cylinder guy. I went to Metro with our driver - Saravanon. Metro is like a Costco with really bad taste. You have to be a business owner to get in and everything is about 2/3 the cost. BUT... you also have to buy more than 1 of everything. It was quite overwhelming and confusing. After 3 hours and $ XXXX later, I am the proud owner of ugly corningware, cheap pots/pans, brown and pink towels and sheets that look like shower curtains. The bright side? They have a whole wine section (Indian, Australian and "Overseas") and Dt Coke/Beer by the case. Nirvana for Tom. Now, after 3 house of washing dishes/etc. We are ready to sit down for dinner and go to bed.

I cant wait for us to get into a routine. It is starting to feel like our house though... A bad post college furniture, dorm style (aka all concrete) house, but our house none the same.....