Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kay's kicking' Royal gymnastics season!

Sunday night was the Hopkins High School gymnastics banquet and Kay ended the year in style, literally and figuratively.

She and Claire went shopping earlier in the week and she did a great job finding the perfect dress and shoes for the perfect price. It was Royals blue and she looked stunning.

Then, at the banquet, she swept the awards: All Sections, All Conference, MVP AND she lettered.  She also got an academic achievement award for being an athlete with a GPA > 3.6 - not entirely sure how that happened but thats Kay ...she pulls it out in a pinch.  All as a freshman.  But, the best part was seeing her celebrate with her friends. She didnt want any of the attention or limelight and was so happy when her friends got their awards, letters and accolades.

Congratulations Kay on an amazing year. You are so fun to watch, you are a great team mate, a hard worker and a fierce competitor.

We love you!

LOVE Costco cake!

Super cute season gifts

Chatting up with the girls

They travel in packs

Headed up for her awards 

All Section & Academic Excellence

All Conference 


Her all around season scores 

The team!

Slamming with Bella 

Too much fun

Hanging with Claire


Way to go Kay!