Friday, January 19, 2018

The worlds busiest week

This week was our worlds most busy week. Holy Crap.

We had ...

2 doctor appointments - Tom and Kay - all is good for both and ... drum roll ... Kay grew ANOTHER 1 1/2 inches and gained 10 lbs so she is now, officially 4' 11 1/2" and 96 lbs. I DO think she'll hit 5 feet and 100 lbs after all! This means she has grown 3 1/2 inches and gained 25 lbs this year. I'd be crabby too if that was me. No wonder she sleeps all the time!

1 dentist appointment - Billy had a back molar come in "rotten" so needed a filling

1 orthodontist appointment - Kay got brackets on her back molars, not a happy camper

1 orchestra concert - Billy was awesome on the violin and it was fun to see him play with the Jr High and High School and be able to envision "what's next".  The High School orchestra is going to Orlando to compete in February so they used this concert as a competition practice, very cool.

1 jazz band concert - Jimmy literally blew everyone away on the drum set.  He was having so much fun and cant wait to kick some serious drum kit ass in try outs next year for the Jazz 1 group.

2 gymnastics meets - Kay had her regular Thursday night High School meet against Edina and took 1st overall with her best all time score ever of 36.2.  Her floor was amazing, her bars fun to watch, her vault is getting better and her beam is always death defying and impressive.  Then, on Saturday, she had the Wolf Pack High School Invitational.  She LOVES to compete and the extra meets this year have really helped with her pre-meet anxiety. She still gets nervous but its WAY better than last year.

1 late start for school  -Tom is "in charge" of late start once a month and its a debacle.  This week it was below 0 so they couldn't even send the kids out to play AND ... 1/2 the staff called in sick - a bad bad morning for Tom. which leads me to...

1 sick kid - Billy came home on Thursday, after a week of coughing, and went straight to bed. Poor kid! But, he got his homework done and was up the next morning ready for school (and swimming in gym class). He's a tough cookie that one.

This is all on top of the regular schedule of school, work, homework, tests, work outs, dog walks and life in general.  Its a good thing we are a super high energy house that loves good (& healthy) food with pretty robust immune systems and strong competitive streak. Add in that most of us are extroverts and I think you can see how we got to this point.

However, I do have a martini (with 4 olives) in my near future.....

can you see Billy?

Featuring Jimmy !

Gorgeous morning walk in MN

Kays routines

Jimmys concert