Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Fun!

Well the weather finally broke and Easter Sunday was gorgeous. The kids (aka Kay) insisted on baskets and an egg hunt (which forth will be referred to as "the hunt") but, they also didnt want to get up early or be otherwise inconvenienced by the holiday so we were a bit on their schedule. The pressure was on as Kay declared that last years Easter was "lame" (not sure her definition of lame but we had Easter at our friends in Chicago as well as at home which means 2 hunts and 2 sets of brunch/dinner - kids.....)

In an attempt to keep them on their toes, we did Easter Bunny Hangman. The answer revealed a clue for where they could find their baskets. Then, the hunt was in the backyard. The Easter Bunny did hide eggs late morning in anticipation of the kids waking up late but ... obviously they were still hidden too soon as the neighborhood squirrels gorged on plastic eggs, Swedish Fish jelly beans and Hersey miniatures.  Billy's comment?  "I bet they all have stomach aches now....". Right.

I was craving a Portuguese egg dish and Tom pulled out all the stops with said dish, cinnamon rolls, hash browns and crusty bread for dipping. Dinner was even more interesting as we had watched a Diners Drive Inns and Dives earlier in the week and had chicken fried steak, gravy and spaetzle on our brains. Marry that with Korean zucchini pancakes and it was a South Koreman (Southern, Korean, German) dinner.  Very brown but tasty.

The gift theme for this year was shorts and underwear.  Very apropos.

I managed to get in 2 dog walks and Tom was nice enough to humor me with a bike ride.

The coup d'gras?  Calling Grandma after dinner and yelling ... Happy Easter Bunny!

All in all a good Easter and we even got a thumbs up from Kay. Whew!